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In fact, at some level, almost every human action is driven by our desire to experience pleasure and avoid pain, gain social acceptance and avoid rejection, and ultimately, to survive.

Also, contrary to what we’d like to believe, we are far from perfectly rational.

Messenger is also adding new quick replies to chatbot questions.

For example, if a bot asks what your favorite movie genre is, you’ll see a list of options to pick from instead of having to type your answer out.

Our conversation is also a game and a story, and Jessie is a narrative vehicle with whom, like a character in a novel, it is possible and even enjoyable to empathize.

Last week, Facebook joined companies like Kik and Microsoft by inviting any company to build a chatbot for its Messenger platform.

Another big improvement is the option to mute specific chatbots the same way you can mute a friend of a group chat.

An inherent degree of irrationality isn’t a bad thing.When I first began the conversation with Jessie, I was tempted to test its limits. Under this type of guidance, I came to understand that by going off script, I was being an asshole. Or “OMG I really feel like [poop emoji] Need an inspiring mantra. I am probably not the right person to ask (I recommend naming a gender-neutral Viagra “Ohla”), but that’s not the point.When Jessie asked me for my best pickup line, I suggested “Hi, I’m Jessie” and then explained that most people would prefer to start a conversation than to receive a sales pitch. While a chatbot’s inability to handle situations its creators have not anticipated will be extremely annoying when you’re trying to explain that you need to, say, ask an airline’s chatbot to switch one leg of a flight but not the other, or from the stereotypical high school student’s smartphone (“It’s GR8”), and the plot of her story doesn’t inspire many, if any, deeper questions. As one writer, Danielle Frimer, explains, as with improv comedy, “when Jessie makes a strong offer that has clarity and urgency, and intention behind it, it’s much easier to follow the string of the conversation.”Cast in the position of Jessie’s oracle, I naturally assumed a motherly role, telling Jessie to use Linked In and to be careful at the casino.Now the company is rolling a big update packed with new features that should make for a significantly better experience.Developers will be able to add support for different types of media files so chatbots can send you a GIF or a video, for example.

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