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” God Had Other Plans for Me Little did I know, God had other plans for me and thousands of lonely singles. My West-coast girlfriend and I would have made miserable life partners. When we pray, we are taught to finish with, “Your will be done.” Except, we need to really mean that. I told her about my prayer and that she could be “the one.” She was actually flattered! After dating for a few weeks, it became obvious that we weren’t a good fit — at all.

Pastor to congregation: Scripture calls all Christians to pray for those in authority, to honor them and to be subject to them as they support those who do what is good, reprimand those who do wrong and provide for a just ordering of society.In early December, I met another young lady from my Campus for Christ club. I switched Bible study groups and stopped seeing friends we had in common. This was the woman You had for me and only three hours from my deadline! In this digital era, this usually means through an online dating service. Let me tell you how this may never have happened had God answered my prayers. As Christians, we pray to God (or we ought to) for His guidance in His timing. She was studying on the West Coast, so we got to know each other via telnet text messaging (this was 1995, after all).

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