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- but I am going to get some layers cut into it to make it more interesting. My oh likes long hair and I feel sexier and more feminine with long hair.

However, I do think short crops can look great, there is a new mum at the primary school and she has black hair, short all around but longer on top.

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Linda xx the shortest ive had mine is a graduated bob its a grown out bob now so sits on my shoulders, i only like long hair on me and im growing it but i think short hair can look really good if you have the right face shape Thats true - I seem to spend my whole life growing my hair to have it cut off again!!

I have been everything from inch short all over (don't ask - I looked like a traditional lesbian ) to peroxide blond (! Its just I haven't been short for ages and I don't know if short hair on a 28- year -old - wearing- a- few -extra pounds (! I have had my hair that short too and remember a lesbian cracking on to me one night in the pub, when i told her i was straight she said..but you had short hair and a tattoo on the top of both your arms and you are wearing a vest top! I have a tattoo on my leg and when I had very short hair I did look quite lesbiany - my OH actually called me his "hot dyke" I have nothing against lesbians at all but if I am going to look like one I would rather look like a feminine one - thats all!

If your hair is pretty easy to manage - go for it, it will always grow back Thanks for the replies.

I think I am going to leave my hair reasonably long after all- I am worried I am going to look too severe with it all cut off!!

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