Dating famous man

He also had a noose around his neck, indicating that he was hanged.Only his head remains original in his museum display due to lack of preservation knowledge at the time of discovery.Over the hair was a bonnet, which was made using a sprang technique. The bog body was lying face down at a depth of two feet on a base of birch bark.Unlike some bog bodies, she was found with other garments. Birch branches were also found in the immediate vicinity and, directly on top of the body, were three approximately 10-centimeter-long birch poles of the same thickness. The right leg was broken ten inches below the knee, which was caused by the weight of peat on the body.In addition, there were other objects found with her: half a clay pot, placed on the knees of the corpse, along with half a humerus and half a radius of a human infant beside her.Around the neck of the bog body was a leather belt with an amber bead and a brass disk 22-23 millimeters in diameter.

These two articles of clothing are now on display at the National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen.The Arden Woman was found in the Bredmose bog in the Parish of Store Arden, Hindsted, Denmark.Police said the corpse was found in a 'question mark' shape.It is believed that the Tollund Man was a ritual sacrifice victim.Two adult skeletons of women were found with fragments of pottery and two other incomplete human skeletons of undetermined genders.

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