Jerking off chat room

Something like Truth or Dare would be fun, and the room would see their responses and that would generate comment and discussion on that chatters point of view on that particular subject.

I think that this would make the new ppl feel more at home and at ease, and keep the chat active for all involved.

Can't believe that at 65, I am now having these feelings.

Agree with Slick_n_Stiff as well, the picture sharing is nice in chat and cannot be done in IM.

They just flash pic after pic and expect people to talk to THEM.

Now, I am all for people showing pics in the chat room, in fact, I tend to show off a lot.

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i cant seem to get the chat thing down even with advice from others. anyways maybe i will get the hang of it soon i hope.

it seems i can get a screen to pop up for the netscape chat but no one is ever in it but me when it says there is others in the room. but just to say howdy to everone here and i hope i get a chance to meet and great a few of yall.

the other thing is i never find a box to type anything in just all the lil icons and the welcome screen shows. also id love to chat with a few also so plz dont hesatate and dont worry i only nibble in the bed room lol...

That frees up the main chat rooms for chat, and allows those interested to view or share pics with others who are interested.

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