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We don’t just say free, we truly deliver on a great free online dating site for millions of users.

Nowadays consumers have less and less trust in dating sites because there are so many new dating sites popping up all the time with very few REAL LOCAL MEMBERS.

We took the approach from early on that the best business models were those that connected singles in a method to where people did not have to pay monthly membership fees.

We developed our technology in such a way that allows us to serve small ads which offset the management costs of the sites.

Our core values center on respect of our members and respect for honest business practices.

So while we help connect real people connect based on their shared interests with our free mobile dating sites, we also give 10% of our revenues directly to charitable causes.

Since 2012 we have continuously expanded our brands and rapidly grown our membership base.

One day at a time, one date at a time we work to earn the trust of our members and our members repay us with their referrals to their friends and family members.

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As an advertiser supported free dating site network we also never charge anything to our users.

We respect our members privacy and would never jeopardize our position of trust with our members.

When you join any of the Friends Date Network free dating sites you can rest assured your your privacy is placed above all else.

Our quick and easy support page makes it easy to get your questions answered and we are always committed to making sure we provide you with exceptional service.

Our support email is fast and efficient and there are never needless forms or hoops to jump through!

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