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Each of them told gardai that Malone had confessed to Mrs Smyth's murder.

Giving evidence about the night of the murder, neighbour Geraldine Brennan said she was woken by shouting and she and her parents went out on to the street.

She claimed he said he had murdered her in the first confession. She said nothing happened after she reported this to the garda.

Malone also confessed to an evangelical preacher, Billy Patterson, and to two teenagers who were attending his mission in Kilkenny.

She is an American who lives in Norway and a source close to the case described her as “ultra orthodox and very religious”.

Evidence was given by a neighbour that on the night of the murder, September 11 1987, Malone had been shouting and threatening to kill Mrs Smyth."He was banging on the window and banging on the door, saying: 'Let me into the f***ing house. Malone's former sister-in-law, Ann Walsh, gave evidence that Malone admitted the murder to her and she reported his confession to gardai 20 years ago.She said Malone confessed involvement in Mrs Smyth's death to her on three occasions over the years.Malone's bail was only finally revoked a week before the trial began after, the court heard, he went to the home of yet another witness, Mrs Eileen Kelly (81), days before she was due to give evidence.Aoife Nic Ardghail Dublin man who stored over €150,000 of prescription and illegal drugs at his home was found drinking a glass of orange juice in the kitchen while the building was on fire, a court has heard.

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