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“She called me from the border and said she’d been tricked! Phụng would have to act quickly if she wanted her daughter back.

Cẩm was born in 2000, the third of seven children in an ethnic Black H’mong family.

There was the face of the young man who had come on his motorcycle to pick up her daughter, only to sell her a few hours later across the border.

She ran to the printer’s shop at the top of the road and made multiple photocopies of his profile photo.

But the guy that I met on the Internet called again and said that we should go to Cambodia to work and make money. The white powder kind and the kind that you inject. She collected money from the girls who were working, and she sold white drugs to them to smoke.

There was another friend I knew from school, and he just failed his school exams so the three of us we said, "Why don't we go? I soon realized the place was a way station for trafficking. She called me her "girl." She told me she also owned brothels in Thailand and Malaysia. It was a big operation, and there were quite a few people running the operation, but I met only four to five of them. I didn't want to know what happened if I were caught, so I didn't really try. We still have to go to school." And the woman there said, "You won't do well in school.

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