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Three squadrons of warplanes will eventually be stationed at the bases, analysts with the Department of Defense believe, allowing Chinese warplanes to operate over the entire region.

Measuring 140 meters (460 feet) long and 27.8 meters (91 feet) wide, Tiankun can smash underwater rocks as well as move sand, mud and water to construct man-made islands.

The enormous ship, called Tiankun, can dredge 6,000 cubic meters (211,000 cubic feet) of mud every hour - roughly the size of 2.5 Olympic Swimming Pools.

It's more efficient than Tianjing, China's current flagship for construction on the South China Sea.

The ship can dig as deep as 35 metres (115 feet) into the sea.

China today unveiled a powerful island-building machine to help reclaim more land in the disputed South China Sea.

“TV has lost a visionary mind, and we have lost a mentor in life.” Lighthearted’s name was derived from the lyrics of the Van Morrison song “I Forgot That Love Existed.” in more than 40.

Schultz, who attended the University of Colorado, began his television career at WLS-TV in Chicago and quickly won two local Emmys for producing a live, morning talk/entertainment show and a late-night show.

Singles being set up on the blind dates of a lifetime include Lawyers Jelani Roy and Jenny Wu and Navy Physician Blair Townsend and Registered Nurse Hayley Keel.

The Race will have a dirty start — literally — as teams will have to navigate through a muddy obstacle course before jetting to their first location, Tokyo, Japan.

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